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Let's Honor The Will of The People

Since the very beginning, we’ve been busy as a Steering Committee behind the scenes compiling numbers, contacting agencies and companies, studying regulations and even incorporating. Now we have proudly becoming a non-profit LLC know as Keep The Kennebunk Dams, Save The Mousam.  

We’ve paid for legal advice and regularly go to both KLPD and Selectmen meetings. We have solid leads on companies who, once figures are verified, could come forward and save our river and dams. We recently sent a representative to the National Hydropower Association’s Northeast Regional Meeting to gather additional information. That being said, we’re a totally voluntary, self-funded citizen’s group up against a powerful and wealthy lobbying colossus whose aim is to remove every dam in the U.S.  They have already spent millions of dollars in their efforts nationally.

We are not paid to do this and, when we have a financial need, we donate our money and time. We are not all wealthy or river abutters. We are your neighbors, coworkers, business leaders and friends; we meet you in Hannaford, at the transfer station, in Town Hall; our kids go to school with yours, and our community is a source of pride.


The Kennebunk Light and Power Company Board of Trustees voted to surrender their federal license to generate hydro electricity from the three dams along the Mousam River. 

Throughout this website the consequences of this action will be presented for consideration:  the loss or reduction of renewable green energy resulting in an increase in our electric bills; loss of recreational areas enjoyed by residents and tourists; exposure of potentially toxic mud to leach into the environment; and the loss of a beautiful scenic centerpiece in the Town of Kennebunk. 

You will see how the KLPD’s decision could ultimately lead to the destruction of the dams by interests outside of the Town, by interests not in keeping with the residents and taxpayers of Kennebunk who have historically supported the dams existence and the recreational enjoyment of the river by more than a select few.


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