Recreation and Tourism

Destruction of the dams will make canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding impossible in the Kennebunk section of the river at many times of the year, (particularly the summer when there is the most activity). The Wright Pierce report shows a depth of 18 inches and a narrowing to 6 feet in some sections would be created by dam removal. This would also make swimming difficult and possibly dangerous.
A key tourist attraction to many visitors is standing on the Kesslen dam bridge looking at the waterfall and the foliage upriver. Much of this could be obliterated by erosion if the dams are removed & could reduce tourism at a time when the Town has spent significant funds both beautifying downtown and trying to attract visitors.
Some of the external interest groups say they want the dams destroyed to encourage fishing in the river. While we support fish passage, where possible and useful, the fish they want are those used for bait for the lobstermen. Sport fish, such as salmon, cannot survive in the new “brook” that dam removal would create, a fact finally acknowledged by those wanting the dams destroyed.


Fly Fishing at Rodgers Pond

From the same point across from Rodgers Pond you can see one of the net traps on the right side riverbank set by the licensed Elvers fisherman. These Elvers are 1” transparent baby American Eels sold to Japan for $2,000 per pound!

Kayaking Along The Mousam

Take the day and relax on the calm and quaint river, any time you want! Along your route you'll discover the endless natural beauties the Mousam provides us.


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